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Herbal Lore
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Common Herbal Lore
Common Herbal Tools
Common Herbal Lore

Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Parts Used: Entire Plant
Properties: Protection, Attract Luck
Lore: Hang at the front door, in the kitchen, in doorways and hallways to attract luck and protection to the inhabitants.

Element: Fire
Planet: Venus
Parts Used: Flowers
Properties: Love Drawing
Lore: Place the flower on the altar or next to the tool you are using for attracting a new love. Also worn in the hair to attract a new love.

Element: Water
Planet: Sun
Parts Used: Flowers
Lore: Drink as a tea, place small amount in the bath to prepare for magick, use as an amulet for prosperity, Burn for restful sleep, visualize your desire.
Useful Information: Chamomile is proven to be a mild sedative.

Element: Water
Planet: Venus
Parts Used: Roots and Leaves
Properties: Happiness, Animal Magick, Psychic Enhancement, Healing Pets. Lore: Use as a tea for happiness and increasing the pet healing. Can also be used as a relaxant during meditation, burn dried leaves for love wishes.

Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Parts Used: The whole Herb
Properties: Sleep Protection, Healing
Lore: The roots are used for sachets in dream pillows and sachets, the leaves and flowers are used in a tea for healing.

Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Parts Used: Clove, Flower
Properties: Protection, Strength, Promotes Communication
Lore: Hang in kitchen, patio, windowsill, to help keep you strong in your will and/or to bring togetherness in the family, burn while you make your wish add to banishing wishes for added punch, carry as a sachet for trips over water, also, said to ward off bad weather when you are participating in outside events.
Useful Information: Proven to help you maintain normal or healthy cholesterol levels, as well as normal blood pressure levels.

Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Parts used: Flowery Tops and Leaves
Properties: Clairvoyance, Banishing
Lore: Burn or carry for banishing or repelling negative influences around you, and for increasing courage and will power. Also used fresh under the pillow for psychic dreams. It is said if you sleep with this under your pillow you will dream of the person who has stolen from your home.

Element: Earth
Planet: Jupiter
Parts used: Flowers
Properties: Spiritual Love and Dream Sleep
Lore: Used in dream pillows and sachets for sweet dreams during troubled times. The fresh flowers and oils are used for attracting and maintaining a spiritual love.

Element: Air
Planet: Sun
Parts Used: The whole Herb
Properties: Protection,Healing and Love
Lore: Harvested on a Waning Moon, used to repel negative influences and protect against unwanted advances. Used in sachets and amulets, or hung in the home, it is a general all- purpose protector. Use in a bath for healing wishes or the herb added to a prayer bowl enhances the healing. Worn, it is said to help conceive and to hold on to your current love. Hunters were said to carry some of this for luck and protection.

Element: Air (Lightly associated with fire)
Planet: Venus
Parts Used: The whole Herb
Properties: Purification, Healing, Sleep, Some Love and Prosperity Wishes
Lore: Burn the herb in a new home to clear out all negative sickness energies. Carry with other herbs for boosting love and abundance. Place on person or their picture for haste in healing. Also used when changes are needed in ones life, gives the added push needed. Also used in a tea to help ease tensions.
Useful Information: Peppermint helps ease the symptoms of PMS.

Element: Fire
Planet: Venus
Parts Used: Flowers.
Properties: Ultimate Love, Protection
Lore: The ultimate in love wishes, this will aid in bringing a true lasting love and help also to mend any spats between you in an already committed relationship. The petals can be bathed with while thinking a new love to you, the dried flowers are burned in love wishes. Sleeping with the flowers will protect your dreams.

Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Parts Used: The whole Herb
Properties: Protection, Banishing, Calming
Lore: Use the leaves in a necklace to ward off sickness and tensions. Carry to strengthen your courage and conviction, or when about to confront a nasty situation. Burn to repel and banish negative thoughts and energies from yourself or others.
Useful Information: Proven to help you maintain a healthy emotional balance.

Common Herbal Tools

This is also known as a Witch's Knife. It is consecrated with the energies of the owner and used for cutting herbs and making magickal symbols in candles. Make sure the blade is sharp for precise snipping and cutting of herbs.

A brewing pot is large pot used for brewing and simmering. A tea pot may also be used.

This should NOT be the same one you use for everyday meals. I would recommended a good stone one. Wash and dry your cutting board well after each use to make sure there is no cross-contamination with other herbs.

A cloth used for straining the liquid mixtures. These are also used for some amulets, sachets and dream pillow recipes.

Used to burn the herbs when using them to produce a desired effect. You can use a small hear reistant dish (brass, clay or copper works great!) filled with sand, but be careful.

Used in adding small amounts of oils to recipes.

Used to carefully add liquids into containersGLASS CONTAINERS
These are used for keeping herbs fresh and dry. Make sure your containers are clean and dry at all times. It is recommended that you try and keep the same herbs in the same bottles. If you are putting a new herb into a new or used bottle, clean and dry thoroughly. You may also use plastic containers with airtight lids. Keep the herbs once bottled out of the sunlight. It is also recommended that you label all of your containers and when they were packaged.

These tools are used for grinding, mixing and crushing of herbs for recipes. There are many designs and meterials that they are made of. However, the glass or ceramic ones break very easily.

If you don't know what one is, your a barbarian. =) A small wooden one should work best.

I would recommend keeping a journal of exactly what you did, what your desired effect was and what acctually happened. This will help you get the hang of everything. You may learn that your journal is the most powerful magickal tool of all.