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Faiths of the Heart - Lunar Magick

current moon phaseThe moon affects everything! Animals, bugs, the sap in the trees, the female's menstration, the human circadies clock. The birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees. And yes, that thing called love, too.

THE WAXING MOON (moving from the new moon to the full moon) - The Waxing moon has a "pulling in" effect. The is a time of psychic enhancement and effects. Drawing in new love affairs, and increasing of knowledge and/or spirituality.

THE WANING MOON (moving from the full moon to the new moon) - The Waning moon has a "pulling away" effect. So, this is the best time for getting rid of anything you do not want nor need in your life.moon phases image

THE FULL MOON- (Often characterized as a sign of fertility) - The full moon is best for the strongest psychic energies. It can be used in any magick spells.

THE NEW MOON- Is the time for rest. Attainment of desires are in pause. This is the best time to prepare for new wishes and form your requests VERY seriously.

Harm not yourself, Nor others.
Jack Palmer

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