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Tunkasina, The Origins of Fear & Evil

The Origins of Fear & Evil

by Wambdi Wicasa

A long time ago, when everything was new, all children played without fear.
To some of his children Tunkasina (Grandfather) had given strong eyes, and they liked the heatof the day. For these children Tunkasina put a big light in the sky, and they ran free over the prairie.
Other children had weaker eyes. They liked to play in the leaves and in the grasses under thetrees. Forthese children Tunkasina put a little light in the sky, and it came out, when these children wokeat the endof the day.
Everyone was satisfied. Day followed night, and night came after the day. No one had to worry. Tunkasina was happy, and he always came to visit.
His work was good.
But, then, something terrible happened.
One night the little light did not show up ! ! ! ! !
Deep darkness was everywhere. The night-children went outside, but right away they were lost. They ranback and forth, and their crying woke up the whole camp. Fathers could not find their sons, andmotherscould not find their daughters.
Fear shook everyone. They had never felt this way before, and they didn't know what to do. Fear was likea damp fog creeping over everyone. It chilled the bones of the worn, old men. It confused thesenses ofthe trusted, wise men.
Everyone kept turning around and looking over his shoulder. There was great danger.
Tunkasina heard the cries of his children and the running footsteps of the parents. He also feltthe dangerthat was threatening his children.
He rushed down from his place to see what had happened.
He looked and looked -- and THERE IT WAS ! ! ! ! The sky was empty......There was no littlelight in thesky.
And he began searching for her. He looked and looked.....And then he found her.
She was sleeping with another man. She had been unfaithful to him, and she had neglected hischildren.When he found her it was terrible. He dragged her from the bed and tore her over rocks. Hebeat her andpounded her. He shook her and slapped her. He punished her and he shamed her.
Then he threw her away ! ! ! ! !
That was a long time ago.
Look at her now.
You can see that she is wandering here and there in the night. And she still has the marks andthe bruiseson her.
She will never be the same again.
She is shamed. When she gets close to the big light, watch her. She will hide her face. And,when she isfar from the big light, she will look out again.
Maybe someday Tunkasina will take her back again.
This is how Fear -- Evil -- came to the children that Tunkasina always wanted to be happy.

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