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by Wambdi Wicasa

Grandfather, Tunkasina, you are giving us life again. For many days we were lonesome for you. Earth was cold and the winds were strong.

But now we hear songs. Your children are singing, and we are happy. They are singing, and weare lighthearted.

It is the time for your children to find happiness with each other. it is the time to build nests. Itis the time for pairing. It is the time for flying and the time for the Eagle.

In the early morning we see this, and we hear it under the warm moon.

Tunkasina, there is no bird without a song. No creature without a call. No man without a skill. And into the bird you put the song, and into the creature you put the call, and into the man youput the skill .

You are good.

Tunkasina, all your creatures need a partner. You made us that way. Each wing needs a mate. You made it that way. Each feather needs its likeness

It's that way.

In secret we carry a feather. It is close to our heart. In secret there is its likeness. It is close to aheart.

On a spring day your promise will be kept. The two will meet, and your life will start in them. Your song will be in them. Your happiness will come to them.

They will praise you.

He hechetu.

"Written for a Wedding at Chamberlain - May, 1974"

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