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The Marten and The Individual

The Marten and The Individual


One of the most graceful and beautiful of our forest animals, the richly furred Marten can dart up trees and leap from branch to branch with the agility of a squirrel.
He can catch chipmunks, weasels, squirrels and rabbits, all of which form part of the varied Martens menu, together with grouse, small birds, frogs, mice, fish and wild fruit.
Unlike its cousins, the mink and weasel, the Marten avoids the haunts of man, and breeds ingreatest numbers in the thick evergreen forests. Its nest is made of grass, moss and leaves, andhelpless young are born in spring.
A member of the weasel family, the adult is about a yard long and he weighs some six pounds.,The tail is bushy and the fur of a rich dark-brown color, with a patch of orange or light grey atthe throat. With care, Martens can be raised in captivity.


"Everybody in the world is going through some process. They say the Indian must go throughthe process so that he can make it in the world. We don't want to be processed Indians. We don't want to be processed anything. We just want to be ourselves."

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