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Faiths of the heart!
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---AnyReligion is Straight talk about religions. Learn the TRUTH about Witchcraft, Buddhism, Paganism, and all other misconceptions about other religions. This list is NOT anti-christian nor satan worshipping. Rather, dedicated to removing the false accusations toward alternative religions created by society.

This list is operated and moderated by Lynette Cunningham. This mailing list is fight-free and every is required to respect eachother's views. If you have a problem with this, then please do not subscribe to this list. Thank you.

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This is for teens to learn what is out there. It is not for people convert others, but more of a disscusion on what others think and to learn the real truth of a given religion. It is for teens only, for they seem to be more open minded, and we are not here to critisize you or make you feel dumb for a certain faith. We are here to help you and make you understand that not one religion is right for everyone. No fighting or spamming will be allowed. You will be unsubbed imediately if you spam. This is a place to learn, not send chain letters too. Also, do not come here to convert others to your faith, it is their choice, and their choice alone. So teens come if you are really up to learning some more.

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