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From the dawn of time, man has sought to understand his relationship to the heavens and earth. Beginning as early as the prehistoric age, it is evident from cave paintings that religious rites may have been used to ensure the success of hunting, fertility, and harvests.

Religion became the fundamental language spoken to the sometimes, silent heavens it being the reflection of our need to address crucial questions and issues such as, The creation of the Universe, Death and The meaning of Life.

From the Heavens come Divine Revelations that shape and mold civilizations, societies, and individuals, speaking of an intolerance and unbridled desire. It's power to inspire great works of charity, art, music, poetry and structures of monumental mass.

The evolution of religion in its definition has been defined and redefined to encompass our social and personal lives. Untold millions have given their lives and taken the lives of others throughout history in the name of religion.

This site introduces the great living faiths of the World without prejudice, and lends to all, a platform for explanation and interpretation of their basic rites, rituals, and beliefs, from the living religions, to the numerous smaller religious movements, sects, and philosophies.
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