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Faiths of the heart!
About the webmasters
He's SOOOOO cute!Rius
Hobbies: Computers, Scuba Diving, and Studing Various Religious beliefs.
Future Plans: To attend Western Oregon University, majoring in Business and Administration and Minoring in Psychology. Also, to own and operate several small businesses in the Salem & Portland metro areas.
Religious Beliefs: An agnostic belief very similar to Wicca.
Takes care of the adminstration and continous update of the Faiths of the Heart website.

Damn she's HOT!Lady Caffiene
Hobbies: Reading, photography and the Russian language.
Future Plans: To attend College majoring in veterinary medicine. Also to move to Russia to teach Russian children the English Language.
Religious Beliefs: Paganism
Takes care of the adminstartion and the moderation of the Offical Mailing List.

Awwwww! How sweet!Lady Caffiene and Rius have been dating since October 10th, 1998. Together they maintain the web site and the mailing list. However, we do need YOUR help. If you have any information about any religion, please send it to us so we can revise it. You may submit your information to You will recieve full credit for the information in which you send to us. Thank you.